◈ Newer Work

Here are some InVision protoypes for work I've done more recently and screenshots of other bits and pieces.

To view any of these prototypes, simply download them, double-click on the .zip files and open the index.html file to run the prototype in your web browser.


KCOM Navigation Updates - Mobile Version KCOM Navigation Updates - Desktop Version private-work-image-1

Example of considerations made to refine KCOM's global navigation menu structure across multiple sub-domain websites it possesses.

◈ Newcastle Building Society

AA Savings Website - Mobile Version AA Savings Website - Desktop Version private-work-image-2

Example of a responsive website in my current role I designed and developed at Newcastle Building Society built atop their savings platform that I work on - the above prototypes show a desktop and mobile version of the layout.

◈ KPMG Nunwood

Castrol CX Cloud Dashboard private-work-image-3

Example of a responsive dashboard website I created in my role at KPMG Nunwood based on their CX Cloud platform. These sites pull in survey date from a backend database and power all the various data visualisations.

Further KPMG Nunwood Samples

Further samples to give a sense of the work I did at KPMG Nunwood.

◈ Miscellaneous

Emerald Publishing - desktop app interface private-work-image-4

Design task I worked on over a year ago to design a desktop UI that would help a user read/filter specific publications. This was to replace their antiquated CMS setup.

Some of the InVision screens you may have to scroll / click around to find the hotspots.